美['lesɪθɔɪd]  英['lesɪθɔɪd]
adj.  [生]磷脂的;蛋黄素的


  1. The purpose of bleaching is to wipe off some pigment minim-metal ,soap, lecithoid ,remnant pesticide and other impurity. 脱色的目的在于去除色素、微量金属、皂粒、胶质、残留农药和其它的杂质。
  2. The inhibition of alcohol to cell was represented on inhibiting growth rate, fermentation rate, saccharidase, membrane potential energy, and breaking down membrane lecithoid. 摘要乙醇对细胞的抑制主要表现在对生长率、发酵率、糖分解酶、膜势能的抑制及膜磷脂的裂解。
  3. This paper reviewed the application advances of molecule self-assembled monolayer,multilayer and lecithoid bilayer in electroanalytical chemistry and biosensors. 本文介绍了分子自组单层膜、多层膜和双层磷脂膜在电分析化学和生物传感器方面的研究应用进展。
  4. Ingredients: hydrophilic collagen protein 、 Bee glue 、 Natural cool factor 、lecithoid, Seaweed Polysaccharides and VC the special skinning comforting elements. 主要成份:蕴含亲水性胶原蛋白、蜂胶;天然清凉因子、磷脂囊;海藻粘多糖及VC等特别缓解成份.
  5. The results indicate that ultrasound alone could initiate lipid peroxidation and lecithoid configuration degradation resulting in membrane fluidity decline. 研究结果显示,单纯超声可使肿瘤细胞膜脂质过氧化,磷脂降解而降低膜流动性。
  6. Discussion on quality control method of soybean lecithoid 大豆磷脂质量控制方法的探讨