美['lektəˌtaɪp]  英['lektətaɪp]
n.  (标本的)选模式


  1. According to its operation principle and the function in FGD apparatus,the essay discusses its lectotype principle. 根据其基本原理和在整个湿法烟气脱硫装置中的作用,探讨了水力旋流器的选型原则。
  2. In conclusion, this paper proposes a new way for optimum lectotype of offshore platform. 总之,该研究为海洋平台设计方案的选型决策提高了一种新方法。
  3. Integrating the system architecture, the hardware arrangement and lectotype of system are discussed in detail. 结合系统总体结构,对硬件设备进行了布置和选型。
  4. This article introduces the structural lectotype, determination of computer model and structure of the science hall. 该文介绍了中国地质大学(武汉)科技馆结构选型,计算模型的确定及构造措施。
  5. It is introduced the lectotype of this structure design, which may be a beneficial reference in practical design. 对该结构的设计选型作了介绍,以期对工程设计有所参考。
  6. The paper introduces the application and working principle of assistor of belt conveyer and expounds the method of lectotype design. 介绍了带式输送机助力器的用途及工作原理,阐述了选型设计的方法。