美['leftwɪnɡər]  英['leftwɪnɡər]
n.  左派人士


  1. Look! There's a man running up the leftwing. 看!有人正朝左翼跑去。
  2. Darwinism is naturally repugnant to leftwing thought. 达尔文主义同左翼思想自然是格格不入的。
  3. A year ago such a demand from a leftwing politician would have provoked a "loony left" response. 一年前,左翼政治家提出的这样的需求,激起了“疯狂的左派”的回应。
  4. From 1926, Lu wrote satirical essays and served as head of the League of Leftwing Writers. 从1926年间,卢写讽刺散文和担任该联盟的左翼作家。
  5. Venezuela President Hugo Chavez's leftwing ally Zelaya snuck into Honduras on Monday after three months exile. 委内瑞拉总统查韦斯的左翼盟友塞拉亚在流亡3个月后,星期一悄然潜回洪都拉斯。
  6. Both "extreme rightwing and extreme leftwing" elements are looking to "use the fact that people are out of jobs" to galvanise support, he said. 他说,无论“极右和极左”的因素都正在谋求“利用人们失去工作:来获取支持。