美[lɪ'dʒɪtəmɪzm]  英[lɪ'dʒɪtɪmɪzm]
n.  正统主义


  1. Legitimism used to be strong in China. 过去在中国皇室极力采用世袭王位主义。
  2. Zhang had a desire to revive the legitimism. 章学诚有一种正统不兴而欲续之的传统精神。
  3. A legitimist association, the Chevaliers of Fidelity, stirred about among these the republican affiliations. 一个正统主义的组织叫忠贞骑士社,在这些共和主义的组织中蠕蠕钻动。
  4. As the legitimism ruling thinking of feudal society for two thousand years, confucianism is the choice of history as well as the Chinese nation. 摘要儒家思想作为两千多年封建社会正统的统治思想,是历史的选择、民族的选择。
  5. However, there is an continuing debate about whether one-member companies can be counted companies in terms of "legitimism. 但是关于一人公司能否列入公司“正统”的争论并未消停 ,并在一定程度上阻碍了它的发展。
  6. He thought a lot with inflexibility between legitimism and tradition, main stream and secondary aspects, reality and ideal. 他在正统与传统、主流与边缘、现实与理想之间执著地思考。