美[lɪ'gjuːmən]  英[lɪ'gjuːmən]
n.  豆


  1. The quality per legumen and yields of Zaoyou No.1 was tiptop. 早优-号单荚质量和总产量最高。
  2. Range of grey correlation degree from high to low was plant height, effective pod numbers, seeds per legumen, 1000-seeds weight and effective branches. 不同海拔下各经济性状与产量关联度的变幅由大到小依次为:植株高度、有效角果数、每角粒数、千粒重和有效分枝。
  3. The dwarfed plant had resistance to lodgeing, and the fresh legumen was harvested in June. [Conclusion] The soybean will be considered for introducing and planting. 矮株抗倒伏,6月份收获鲜荚。[结论]大豆可考虑引进栽培。
  4. , increase the amount of legumen, the height of culm, 1000-seed-weight and yield of plot area. 可以促进株高生长、提高实收产量。
  5. as, albumen in eggs, fibrin in meat, casein in milk and cheese, vegetable casein or legumen in peas, beans, and lentils;and gluten in wheat. 如蛋类的白蛋白、肉类的纤维蛋白、酻类的酪蛋白、豆类的植物性蛋白(即豆蛋白)、小麦中的谷蛋白。
  6. but the fresh grain could be used because of having big fresh legumen, plump seed grain and low unfulfilled passing rate. 可利用的鲜粒,鲜荚较大,籽粒饱满,秕荚率低;