美['liːʒərəbəl]  英['leʒərəbl]
adj.  从容的;不慌不忙的
sp.  悠闲的.


  1. But merely to elaborate a leisurable land. 只为营造一方闲适的意境。
  2. Xiangying hotel is the commercial and leisurable hotelinvested by Hunan Xiang ying Management Co.LTD. 湘迎大酒店是由湖南湘迎酒店管理有限公司投巨资兴建的一家时尚商务酒店。
  3. The whole kitchen represents us a leisurable and comfortable life with delicate design elements. 整个厨房以精巧的设计元素给人提供一种休闲、舒适的生活。
  4. In my mind, people there all lead a leisurable life, which are totally different from our life. 在我的印象里那里的人们每天都悠闲地生活着,与我们的生活方式完全不同。
  5. Neograss recreational turf provides you the ideal leisurable and amused places, as open roof, garden, swing pool, etc. 兰卡休闲人造草皮能为您营造最理想的休闲、娱乐场所。如:开放型的平顶、花园、游泳池等。
  6. We are Italian owned company,sell ice-cream,coffee,dessert and Italian food.We have an comfortable and leisurable environment bar. 我司为意大利公司,经营范围涉及冰淇淋,咖啡,甜点,西餐,另设有环境优雅休闲的意式酒吧。