美['lɪːnɪs]  英['lenɪs]
n.  发音较不费力的辅音
adj.  发音时毫不费力的;微弱的


  1. We are setting up new quests this week to get materials and lenis. 这个星期我们会建立新的任务来帮助玩家获得材料和钱。
  2. Lenis Kodiko Numerology special One Day Workshop entitled, “Giving Your Child a Successful Head Start.Dr. 所以唯一的方式,就是透过身为家长的您亲自学习这些方法,然后直接教导您的孩子。
  3. His mother, Lenis, managed her own Beauty Shop, his father Denzel Senior was a Penacostel Preacher who 1)held down two other jobs. 他的母亲列宁思开有一家美容院,父亲老丹泽是名传教士,还兼有两份其他的工作。
  4. Materials and Leni no longer drop from monsters because they were one of the main causes of lag. 怪物不再掉材料和钱。因为这些物品是服务器卡的主要原因。
  5. Under the title \"Fascinating Fascism,\" the films of Leni Riefenstahl are examined, also in these pages, with a prosecutorial vehemence. 还有些是出于义愤的呐喊,她以《迷人的法西斯》为标题审查了雷妮?瑞芬舒丹的电影,字里行间流露出起诉人的激情。
  6. Lenis style of Numerology called Kodiko Numerology, and just a beginning as the development of Numerology skills is a never ending process, requiring a lifetime of effort. 根据古希腊哲学家毕达哥拉斯的解释,数字不仅是用来衡量东西的工具,它本身具备著非常多的能量在不断的影响我们,就向中国的风水学里讲的,住家的门牌号码会影响屋里住的人的命运。