美[ljuːkoʊ'sɪtɪk]  英[ljuːkəʊ'sɪtɪk]
adj.  [解]白血球的;白细胞的


  1. Methods To analyse 24 cases of HAL,being compared with 24 cases of non-high leukocytic acute leukemia(NHAL). 方法对50例HAL进行临床回顾性分析,同时选择50例非高白细胞急性白血病(HAL)作对照组。
  2. Objective:To require into the expression and significance of Human leukocytic antigen DR (HLA- DR) in primary human hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) . 目的:探讨人白细胞DR抗原(HLA-DR)在人原发性肝细胞癌(简称肝癌)的表达情况及其意义.
  3. It is concluded that leukocytic pyrogen acts directly on the thermore-gulatory mechanism of the anterior hypothalamus to cause fever. 证实白血球发热体直接在下视丘脑前部的体温管制机构,引致发热。
  4. In the exposed group,the contents of HGB,PLT,IgA,IgM and the rate of leukocytic phagocytosis decreased significantly,while the rate of micronucleus cell increased. 本文就长期高强度电磁辐射暴露导致的相关血液成分变化进行报道。
  5. Left shift leukocytic maturation alteration 白细胞成熟变化左移
  6. congenital leukocytic anomaly albinism syndrome 先天性白细胞异常-白化病综合征